Equipment Loan Guide

VCR & DVD Players

Items User Level Number of Units Includes Specs/Manuals

VHS/DVD Player


Easy 1

VHS/DVD Player

RCA Cable

JVC HR-XVC11B DVD player + VHS recorder

Playable Formats: VHS Hi-Fi, DVD-Video, PAL DVD, DVD-RW/-R, +RW/+R, CD, SVCD, VCD, CD-R/RW, JPEG Digital Still (CD-R/RW)

Timer-link recording



VHS hi-fi stereo

Progressive scan output

VHS/DVD Player (w/ HDMI)


Easy 2

VHS/DVD Player


Two-way dubbing (VCR -> DVD and DVD -> VCR)

HDMI output (1080p up conversion)

4 Head Hifi Stereo

Blu-Ray Disc Player, Multi-Region

Samsung BD-F5100

Easy 1



Wireless Remote

HDMI cable

This unit will play DVDs (including PAL) and Blu-Ray discs. Its only output is HDMI.

Samsung BD-F5100 Instruction Manual