Equipment Loan Guide

Lending Guidelines

Requesting equipment:

  • Requests are not required to borrow equipment, but they are recommended.
  • Requests may be placed directly on the equipment website.
  • After you place a request online, you will not receive an email confirmation. You can confirm your request by logging into your library account and checking under the 'Requests' tab.

Requesting a long-term loan:

  • Requests for a long-term loan must be made at least four days in advance.
  • Students must have the sponsoring faculty member email with the following information: 
    • The name and unix ID (short e-mail) of the student the professor is sponsoring.
    • The specific equipment by name or type. (It can be as generic as "video camera," but the more detail the better.)
    • The exact date the equipment is being requested. (Remember we need at least four days lead time.)
    • The exact date the equipment will be returned. (Please note: “end of classes” is not a date.)

Borrowing equipment:

  • Only current Williams students, faculty, and staff may borrow equipment.
  • You must present your Williams ID at the time of pick up.
  • Equipment is checked out for three days at a time, and you are permitted two renewals.
  • All loan requests for over three days (during a break, for example) are long-term loans and must be sponsored by your professor.
  • Faculty/staff who wish to have another faculty/staff member pick up their equipment may email at least three days in advance to make arrangements. Equipment will be checked out to the library account of the original person making the booking request; that same person will also assume responsibility for the care and safe return of that equipment.

Returning equipment:

  • Equipment must be returned only to the Sawyer Library Circulation Desk.

Overdue equipment:

  • Once a piece of equipment is one week overdue, a staff member will email you a reminder. If the overdue equipment is not returned within 48 hours of that time, it is considered lost. An item replacement fee will be sent to the bursar at that time.


  • The person who checked out the equipment assumes financial responsibility for lost or damaged equipment.
  • Violations of the loan policies could result in loss of library borrowing privileges.
  • A $10.00 cleaning fee will be applied for equipment returned with schmutz on it.