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Declutter Your Digital Life! Personal Hackathon for Digital Sustainability + Space Organization 2020: Details




Feb 11th, 3pm - 4:15pm



Library Instruction Lab 

Sawyer 328



- Yourself

- Others  (to work on organizing shared digital space)

- Laptop (if you do not have access to one please reach out to Jessika or Mike)



A hackathon is an event where a group of people come together to collaboratively solve problems, often involving technology. 

Why Should I Attend?

This hackathon will focus on organizing and decluttering our shared and personal digital spaces: Google Drive and email. De-cluttering these digital spaces reduces environmental impact by minimizing energy usage.
The hackathon structure will provide space for those of us who need to do this work together, as well as time for individuals who want to begin or continue taking steps toward a more organized and sustainable digital work environment. Plus, there will be snacks!

Who should attend?: 

Students, faculty, staff, committees, and student groups looking to organize their materials and/ or seeking ways to make their digital spaces more sustainable.

Questions? Ask the organizers...

Questions? Ask the organizers...

Jessika  |  |  x4725

Mike |   |  x4462