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Chemistry 342: Introduction

Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Dave Richardson
Spring 2019

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In this course, you will be finding information to support your weekly projects and final paper topics.  Use this guide as a starting point for key resources, search strategies, evaluating sources, and how to cite your sources.  Please schedule research appointments with me as needed.

Name Reaction Project: Sources

  1. Materials on Reserve at Schow
  2. Name reaction books: Jie Jack Li is the author of many relevant titles.
  3. Kirk-Othmer:  encyclopedia entries provide descriptions as well as additional references
  4. Merck Index:  Organic Name Reaction section towards end of the book; reactions are listed alphabetically by name
  5. Organic Syntheses and Organic Reactions and Comprehensive Organic Synthesis
  6. Alfred Hassner's book:  Organic Syntheses Based on Name Reactions:  a practical guide to 750 transformations
  7. Search the library catalog for additional resources
    • Subject:  Chemical reactions or Organic Compounds-Synthesis
    • Keyword: name* reaction*
    • Keyword for type of reaction:  natural product* and synthesis 
    • Keyword: organic reaction mechanism*

Reagents: Resources

Subject Librarian

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