Citation Searching

Scholarship is a conversation, and citations are the thread of that conversation. Learning how to follow citations will help you track down those hard-to-find resources and broaden your search strategy for very current or very specific topics.

Following book citations

Book citation example:
Feder, Ellen K. Family Bonds: Genealogies of Race and Gender. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007.

  1. Begin by searching for the author or title in the library catalog.  The catalog is picky about how things are entered, so don't give up it you don't find it right away. Try a couple different searches for the book, until you're sure we don't own it.
  2. If your catalog search comes up empty, click the Search other libraries button button under the search box to send the search into Williams WorldCat. If you find it there, you can borrow it from another library.