How to Find U. S. Congressional Committee Hearings

Find full-text of Congressional Committee Hearings from 1789-present.


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Tath Haver

A Congressional Hearing:

  • is generally open to the public
  • conducted by a Congressional Committee
  • takes testimony:
    • to gather information and opinions on proposed legislation
    • to conduct an investigation
    • to provide oversight regarding the performance of a government program
    • to review a problem or issue within the committee's jurisdiction to determine whether there is need for a legislative solution
  • may refer introduced legislation to sub-committees, where it may "die" if not acted upon in that Congress 

Official hearings publications can include:

  • written and oral statements of witnesses
  • transcripts of the verbal question-and-answer session between the committee and witnesses
  • reports, exhibits, and other materials submitted for the record by witnesses
  • correspondence and other materials submitted by interested parties