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Evaluating Sources

Assess sources for relevancy and reliability

Evaluating Your Sources: Publisher

Book and Journal publishers
What type of press are they: Academic? Commercial? Professional/Scholarly Organization? Vanity?


  • ​​Is there a peer-review process for accepting items for publication?
  • Look for the "Refereed" refereed symbol in Ulrich's Periodicals Directory Williams only resource
  • Look for author guidelines on the publisher's website; is the review process explained?

Find out more about a publisher: its market, audience, history, reputation

  • Writer's Market Call # Sawyer Reference PN161 .W8
  • Publisher's web site: how do they decide what to publish?
  • Ulrich's Periodicals Directory Williams only resource (look for reviews)
  • Left Guide Call # Sawyer Reference HS2321 .L44
  • Right Guide Call # Sawyer Reference HS2321 .R54