Equipment Loan Guide

Cables and Apple Adaptors

Items User Level Number of Units Includes Manual/Specs

Adapter #10, Apple, HDMI to Thunder

HDMI to mini adapter

Connects Apple mini display port to an HDMI connection.

Easy 10    

Adapter #14, USB-C to HDMI

USB-C to mini adapter

Connects Mac USB-C port to HDMI


Cable, USB - USB

USB to USB cable

Easy     USB 2.0 Cable - Type A-A

Cable, HDMI to HDMI mini

HDMI to mini hdmi cable

Connects digital cameras, camcorders, and other digital devices with the mini-HDMI connector to a standard HDMI-enabled TV.

Offers the same baseline performance as standard high speed HDMI Cable.


Adapter #09, Apple, Digital AV

Apple Digital AV Adapter

This adapter allows certain Apple products to connect to an HDMI port.