Equipment Loan Guide


Items User Level Number of Units Includes Manual/Specs

Adapter #09, Apple, Digital AV

Apple Digital AV Adapter

Medium 1   This adapter allows certain Apple products to connect to an HDMI port.

Adapter #10, Apple, HDMI to Thunder

HDMI to mini adapter

Easy 4   Connects Apple mini display port to an HDMI connection.

Adapter #11, Apple, HDMI to DVI

Apple HDMI to DVI adapter

Easy 1    

Adapter #13, HDMI f to f

HDMI f to f adapter

Easy 1    

Adapter #14, USB-C to HDMI

USB-C to mini adapter

Easy 4    

Adapter, XLR-f to 1/4-f

Adapter, XLR-f to 1/4-f

Easy 2    

Adapter, XLR-m to 1/4-f

Adapter, XLR-m to 1/4-f

Easy 2    

Adapter, XLR-m to RCA-f

XLR-m to RCA-f

Easy 2    

Adapter, RCA to RCA

RCA to RCA Adapter

Easy 2    

RCA to 1/8" Adapter

2RCA to 1/8" adapter

Easy 2  

Includes 1/8" to 1/4" adapter.

Adapts 2RCA cable to 1/8" headphone jack.

Adapter, RCA, Y Cable

Adapter, RCA Y Cable

Easy 1    

Kill-a-watt Meter

Kill-a-watt meter

Medium 1