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Chemistry 335: Introduction

Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry
Kerry-Ann Green
Fall 2021

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In this course, you will be finding information to support your presentations and independent projects.  Use this guide as a starting point for key resources, search strategies, evaluating sources, and how to cite your sources.  Please email me to schedule research appointments as needed.

Transition Metal of the Day Assignment: Sources

  1. Keyword search in the library catalog for ELEMENTS and limit to books in Schow:  results will be for ebooks or print resources with the word in the title and/or the table of contents
  2. Schow Ref:  Kirk-Othmer's Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology
  3. Books on Reserve
  4. On the web:
  5. Search the library catalog for your SPECIFIC transition metal
  6. Schow Ref:  Nature's Building Blocks, An A-Z Guide to the Elements

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