History 137: Contemporary Journals

Victorian Britain and the Anglo-Afghan Wars
Professor: Chris Waters
Fall 2020

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Wellesley Index Example

Where is the Wellesley Index?

The Wellesley Index is located in the Reference Collection, the short bookshelves in the Research Commons outside the group study rooms on the south side of the main level (3rd level) of Sawyer Library. Here's a map:


map of location of reference collection

How to Locate Articles Found in the Wellesley Index

Wellesley Index Example

  • Note the journal name (Contemporary Review), the volume and issue (36, October, 1879), article title (India and Afghanistan), and the page numbers (193-211) listed in the index.
  • Use the list of periodicals to get the link for the volume, year, and month of the digitized version, or link to request print volume.
  • In the digitized version, use the jump button HathiTrust jump button to enter the page number.
    • If you don't find it, use the "search in this text function" to search for the title of the article or scroll through the volume to the issue and page number needed.

Note: Sometimes the page numbers do not match because of differences in pagination between the British and American editions of the periodical.