HIST 137: Victorian Britain and the Anglo-Afghan Wars: Newspapers

Victorian Britain and the Anglo-Afghan Wars
Professor: Chris Waters
Fall 2023

Best Bet Library Databases

For the newspaper research assignment, see the databases below. For additional newspapers for the final research paper, see our How to Find Newspaper Articles guide.

Research Tip: Searching Newspapers

Tip #17: Searching Full-text Newspapers

  • Think like a journalist. What words would they use to write about the topic? Are there names of people, places, or events?
  • Use OR for variant spellings or synonyms to increase results or use "Allow Variants," if available. (e.g., Afghanistan OR Affghanistan OR Afghaunistan; Kabul OR Cabool OR Cabaul)
  • Use the asterisk (*) to get multiple endings of a word. (e.g., Afghan* for Afghan, Afghans, Afghanistan)
  • To get words closer together, use proximity operators. (see the database's help page for correct syntax)
  • Use limits for publication dates and types of articles (e.g., editorials, news, etc.)