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About This Guide:

  • Search strategies to find scholarly sources:
    • Strategies for citation searching (finding who cited what) 
    • List of core databases to use to find scholarly articles 
    • Strategies to search for scholarly books 
  • Suggestions for working with primary sources 
  • Tips for advanced smart searching
  • Link to citation styles

How to Get Started:

  1. Use known sources as jumping off points. Trace citations from the notes and bibliographies
  2. Follow the scholarly conversation on your topic by conducting citation searching
  3. Search for books in the library catalog
  4. Search for articles  and primary sources in the library databases
  5. Don't forget to attribute all source and use a consistent citation style

Useful Subject Headings

About Subject Headings:

Subject headings are controlled lists of terms or phrases used to describe the subjects of items. They help define a set of topics included in an items contents, which help facilitate the discovery of books and articles resources in a collection of varied resources.  Subject headings allow books and articles to be found in the same search even if they are classified differently. 

Subject headings may be subdivided and made narrower to provide more tailored representation of the topics in the resource. 

You can see the subject headings assigned to a book in the catalog by scrolling to the bottom. 

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