How to Find British Parliamentary Documents: Introduction

Finding aids by date and topic; links to current and historical Parliamentary documents

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Williams Libraries has two types of British Parliamentary Papers: 

  1. Debates — a record of what is said in Parliament
  2. "Sessional Papers" — documents created in the course of Parliament doing its work 
    They include public bills (relating to matters of public policy), reports from "Whole House" and "Select" committees on a wide range of issues, "Returns" (papers Parliament requires from departments and ministries), and other advisory and departmental reports. 

Journals of the Houses of Parliament are another type of Parliamentary document, but are not held by Williams Libraries. Many historical Journals are digitized at British History Online. More recent editions: House of Commons Journal and House of Lords Journal

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Consult A Parliamentary Dictionary SAWYER REFERENCE JN 594 .A2 if needed. 

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