ANSO 402: Senior Seminar

Using a Research Plan

A research plan is a document that you create at the start of a research project. Its goal is to help you conduct effective searches by identifying the appropriate search tools and constructing effective search queries.

In a research plan you identify the voices that are pertinent to your field of inquiry.  In the process of identifying the voices/perspectives, you are also identifying the type of sources you might want to interact with, and start developing your research lexicon (search terms)  

More information on how to create a Research Plan

Searching for Sources

  1. Use known sources as jumping off points. Trace citations from the notes and bibliographies
  2. Follow the scholarly conversation on your topic by conducting citation tracing
  3. Start in multidisciplinary databases search engines such as the library catalog
  4. Deepen your searches in specialized library databases
  5. Construct effective searches. Watch the Selecting and Using Keywords tutorial and sue the Search Like a Pro guide
  6. Don't forget to attribute all source and use a consistent citation style

Locating Books in Sawyer Library

Run Time: 1:55