Citing Your Sources: Citation Tools

The Williams Honor System requires you to properly acknowledge sources you have used in course assignments. This guide provides basic information on how to cite sources and examples for formatting citations in common citation styles.

Why Use a Citation Tool?

A citation manager stores all your citations in a searchable database so that you can:

  • Keep your research organized.
  • Format your footnotes or endnotes automatically in the style of your choice (APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.).
  • Format your bibliography automatically.
  • Insert references into a Word document with a click.
  • Create and format an annotated bibliography.

Library-Supported Citation Tools

The Libraries support EndNote in the desktop and online versions. See the chart below for the features of each.

Features of EndNote and Endnote Web
  EndNote desktop EndNote Basic
Type of Program A software program that you need to download on your computer or use in the computer labs. A web-based application accessible on any computer, anywhere.
How to Get It Williams has a site license to this software, available through OIT's software download page. Anyone can create an account. If you create your online account through the desktop version, you will get more storage for references and attachments.
Getting Started

Using EndNote Handout (includes Williams-specific info)

How To Use EndNote in 6 Minutes (Mac) (YouTube)

How To Use EndNote in 6 Minutes (PC) (YouTube)

How to Create an Annotated Style (Google Doc)

Using EndNote Basic/Online (YouTube playlist)
Functionality Lots of advanced functionality appropriate for sustained research projects such as theses. Can share references and PDFs with up to 100 collaborators. See EndNote website for full functionality comparison. Basic functionality. Can share references but not PDFs.
Updates As with any desktop software program, you will need to check for updates to the program, filters, and styles. Updates are done automatically.
Word Processor Integration

Cite While You Write plug-in is added to Word when you download EndNote. Appears as a tab or toolbar in Word. If it does not appear, see EndNote support page.

Don't have Word? Download it through OIT.

For Google Docs, see help guide from Bates College.

For Pages, see EndNote's help video.

Need to download the Cite While You Write plug-in on the computer you are using. Appears as a tab or toolbar in Word.
Changing Your Mind Can export references in a variety of formats to be imported into other citation management tools. Can export references in a variety of formats to be imported into other citation management tools.

Endnote Set-Up Steps

  1. Download and install the most recent version of EndNote from OIT's software download site.
    • Be sure to unzip/extract the files before trying to install.
    • Be sure Word is not open when installing.
  2. After installing, open EndNote and install any updates.
    • For Mac, go under the "EndNote" menu and choose "Check for Updates."
    • For Windows, click "Help" and choose "Check for Updates."
  3. Check that the EndNote toolbar or tab now appears in Word. If you don't have the toolbar/tab, see the EndNote support page.
  4. Add Find Full Text functionality to EndNote
    • Go to EndNote Preferences (under Edit for PCs and the EndNote name for Macs)
    • Click Find Full Text
    • In OpenURL Path, enter
  5. Add journal abbreviations for journal names (if your citation style uses abbreviations).
  6. Add export link in Google Scholar results
    • Go to Google Scholar
    • Click the hamburger icon (☰) at top of screen
    • Choose Settings
    • Under Bibliography Manager, click button "Show links to import citations into" and choose "EndNote"

A Note about Citation Tools

It is your responsibility to know what elements and punctuation are required for your citation style and determine whether the citation tool has generated the citation correctly.

Register for EndNote Workshop

Other Citation Tools

The following free tools are also available, but the library does not provide support for them.

  • NoodleTools Express: Generates citations for MLA, APA, and Chicago, but does not have ability to export to word processor or save citations. More advanced features require an individual subscription. Williams does not have an institutional subscription.
  • Mendeley: a free citation manager and academic social network.
  • Zotero: a free citation manager developed at George Mason University. It is similar to EndNote, but it integrates with your web browser to easily grab citation information from websites.