ENVI 101: Nature and Society: News & Magazines

Nature and Society
Spring 2023

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Current Newspapers

Historical Newspapers

International Newspapers

Newspaper Websites

Many newspapers are available as free resources online. In some cases, only the current day is available. If you are looking for older content, look for a link for "archives" or "past issues". The resources below can help you find newspaper websites around the world. For additional resources and more searching power, see the library databases in the right column.

Popular Magazines

Television and Radio


Tip #17: Searching Full-text Newspapers

  • Think like a journalist. What words would they use?
  • Use the vocabulary in use at the time. (e.g., Water-closets instead of Toilets, Aeroplanes instead of Airplanes)
  • Combine synonyms with OR to increase results. (e.g., conservatives OR right-wing)
  • Use the asterisk (*) to get multiple endings of a word. (e.g., integrat* for integrate, integration, integrating, etc.)
  • To get words closer together, use proximity operators. (See the database's help page for correct syntax.)
  • Limit your search to "abstract" or "citation and abstract" (if available) to get more precise results.

Individual Newspaper Databases

The following newspapers are available as separate databases that allow you to search the content of that newspaper only. To find articles from newspapers not on this list, especially current newspapers, search the library catalog for the newspaper title to get links to databases that contain the newspaper.